10 Years Since September 11
"We’ll go forward from this moment"

On September 12th, I read Leonard Pitt’s column, “We’ll go forward from this moment.”  I remember thinking of how well it depicted my feelings of shock, of loss, of fear, and of hope.

My thoughts continue to be with those who lost family members, colleagues, and friends.


Before The Deluge

Although the song was written by Jackson Browne many years before 9/11/01 (it appeared on “Late for the Sky” LP), by reflecting on the lyrics of this song while listening to it, one can feel what it may have been like to be trapped and realizing that your death was very close or to be a survivor and wonder for the rest of your life WHY me?  Lets listen to it together as we remember together.  God Bless all those whose lives were lost and changed forever that fateful day.  And may God continue to Bless America, Land of the Free and the Brave.

10 plays

A listener recalls being in the Citibank building on the morning of 9/11.  When she came home she realized that her sister-in-law was a flight attendant on Flight 93.

September 11th changed my whole outlook on life, seeing the loss of so many made me realize that there is so much more I should do with my life. I knew several people whom worked at the World Trade Center and mourn their loss every day. Since that day, I’ve taken time to respect and honor those lost, and make a difference in my community because they would have done the same.

Brookdale Public Radio asking for your thoughts of Sept. 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 was a day all of us will remember.  The Monmouth & Ocean County area was particularly hit hard on that fateful day.  Brookdale Public Radio is asking for listeners to share their memories, thoughts, and song requests to 90.5 The Night.  Listeners can call a special telephone line to leave audio messages that the station will use on the air during its special programming on September 11, 2011 from 9a to 11a.

Listeners can call 732.707.7911 to share their thoughts in this voice mail box

These messages will be posted on a special blog set-up in memory of the events of that day tens years ago.  They may also submit their own thoughts,  pictures, videos, and other digital media at http://10yrsof911.tumblr.com/

Programming note: In light of this special program Bluegrass Jam and Thistle & Shamrock will not air that day.